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      1. 學術活動
        Relevance of 3d multiplet structure: from cuprates to infinite-layer nickelates
        主講人: 蔣密 蘇州大學
        地點: 物理學院中212教室
        時間: 2021年6月17日(星期四)15:00-16:30
        主持 聯系人: 馬平 maping@pku.edu.cn
        主講人簡介: 蔣密,2014年獲美國加州大學戴維斯分校博士學位,2014—2020年在瑞士ETH和加拿大UBC從事博士后研究工作,2021年加入蘇州大學物理科學與技術學院任教授。研究興趣集中在對各類強關聯電子體系,如非常規超導體,重費米子材料等的理論和計算研究。近期研究方向側重于新近發現的鎳基超導體系和重費米子體系。

        The recent discovery of superconductivity in doped rare-earth infinite-layer nickelates RNiO2, R=Nd, Pr as a new family of unconventional superconductors has inspired extensive research on their intriguing properties. One of the major motivation to explore the nickelate superconductors originated from their similarities with and differences from the cuprate superconductors.

        In this talk, I will present our recent investigation of the relevance of Ni/Cu-3d multiplet structure on the hole doped spin states in cuprate and nickelate superconductors via an impurity model incorporating all the 3d orbitals. Further plausible explorations to be conducted will also be discussed.